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Where Are They Now: Rishi Bhatnagar, Ignite Charlotte 2

Rishi Bhatnagar got his 5 minutes of fame during Ignite Charlotte 2 when he gave his talk, “Data, Data Everywhere“. Since his talk, Rishi and Syntelli Solutions have started a consulting practice line called Risk Analytics & Predictive Intelligence Division (or RAPID, for short).

RAPID focuses on big-data analytics and predictive modeling for businesses. For example, they can help oil companies do a better job in predicting which oil well has the better chance of giving long term oil yields based on analyzing the variables that impact oil flow.*

*(That is at least how we understood his description).

We asked him if he got anything out of speaking at Ignite Charlotte 2. Thankfully his answer was yes! Rishi said that speaking at Ignite Charlotte 2 “…helped me see more clearly that there was business opportunity where my passion was – big data and analytics! So, in effect, Ignite was critical in helping me crystallize my thinking.”

Well then Rishi, Ignite Charlotte will be waiting for its royalty check! (just kidding).

Rishi also said that if anyone was interested in learning more about RAPID’s work, there are several 60-minute web-casts. He said that they were boring, but we bet we could all still learn something pretty cool.

Also, Syntelli Solutions was featured in an investment banker’s annual report as a premier company in the data world- the only company in NC to be featured! Kudos to you, Rishi!

Thank you for your data-filled talk at Ignite Charlotte 2, and best of luck with your RAPID progress!