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Where Are They Now: Greg Bartos, Ignite Charlotte 3

Greg Bartos made his first appearance at Ignite Charlotte 3 with his talk, “A Laugh a Day…” where he highlights the benefits of laughing, and more importantly, looking at the funny side of life and not taking everything so serious.

He and his wife have done some traveling since his talk. They went through the mountains, visited Bristol, Virginia, and have been expanding the social communities of Christ Covenant Church, Covenant Day, and his social media agency, the G agency.

The couple on their travels

Good thing Greg got the traveling out of the way now- he and his wife are expecting a baby!


When asked about his thoughts on Ignite Charlotte he said, “Ignite [Charlotte] is a place where people come to hear inspiring talks and chat with each other. I met so many people and still try to stay in touch with most of them.”

Thanks for staying in touch with Ignite Charlotte Greg, and best of luck in your future endeavors.