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Creativity Unleashed – Better Know A Sponsor

Creativity UnleashedEveryone always asks about the 3D animation and motion graphics elements that are shown on the screen at each Ignite Charlotte event. We point them in the direction of Melvin Nix who unleashes the creativity every time through his Charlotte based business, Creativity Unleashed, LLC.

Founded in 2011, Creativity Unleashed LLC focuses on the creation of dynamic digital designs while specializing in 3d Modeling, 2d & 3d Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Motion Design, Broadcast Design, Graphic Design, and Post-Production services.

Melvin and his company have serviced a variety of clients ranging from sports to entertainment, automotive to medical, and non-profits to corporations. The company continues to expand its local and national presence by increasing its partnership development activity in the areas of visual effects and post-production for feature films.

Nix believes that Ignite Charlotte is the catalyst for stimulating new and innovative ideas for those in attendance. As for the speakers, each one gains professional worldwide exposure from the videos that our company produces.

We agree Melvin and each speaker is definitely given an opportunity to have their idea shared with the world.

Blue Motion Studio – Better Know A Sponsor

Blue Motion StudioBlue Motion Studio, LLC, a new Ignite Charlotte sponsor, provided photography and videography services.

In business since 2003, founder and director Cory Tapia told us how the company started out in graphic design and expanded dramatically into videography, photography and animation.

“My dream to this day has always been to run my own studio. We love what we do…It’s always about the love of the craft. We started out wanting to do comic book/cartoon illustration, but as our skills and knowledge progressed, we started to dabble in several other different design related fields…which is why our company can handle so many different types of projects. We are primarily videographers and photographers, but what sets us apart is that we can turn on a dime and create a really cool 3d animation, a great looking illustration or print design. Our capabilities are wide open. I started the business because I love what I do and I wanted to do it all the time.”

Cory said he sponsored Ignite Charlotte 6  “because I think that it’s a really cool event and I like that it brings people of many different backgrounds together in one area to talk about lots of diverse ideas. It’s also a great opportunity for Blue Motion Studio, LLC to have our brand shown to lots of potential clients.”

He went on to say, “Our studio is a bit different from other studios because while we specialize in video…we can almost handle anything that you throw at us. We’re a small, homegrown studio, not corporate owned, so clients and customers get lots of one-on-one attention, that they deserve. We don’t make cookie-cutter videos, we really get to know our clients, some of which end up becoming friends of ours!”

We look forward to joining your list of friends Cory. Thank you for your sponsorship support.

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