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Better Know a Sponsor: Painting with a Twist

Charlotte business owner Tara Fitzgerald likes that Ignite Charlotte strives to inspire people to think outside the box and learn something new.  That’s what she and the staff of Painting with a Twist try to do each day!  Originally from Louisiana, Tara found out about this franchise opportunity through some pictures that her friends back home posted on Facebook.  She saw her friends in an art studio drinking some wine and having fun.  She quickly learned about Painting with a Twist and decided to open a studio here in the Southpark area in 2011.

At Painting with a Twist, art is entertainment.  Their studio provides a venue for people to relax, create, and have a great night out.  A teacher is provided to guide people through painting their masterpiece, but the focus is really on fun and fellowship with others.  Students bring wine and food, and Tara provides music, cups, corkscrews and a relaxing environment that encourages the group not to take the art so seriously.  Fitzgerald just wants to inspire people to think a little creatively, and explore a different side of life.

While this is the first time that Fitzgerald has sponsored Ignite Charlotte, she does partner monthly with local non-profits to provide a unique avenue for fundraising.  She feels enlightened by learning about the various missions, success stories, and the ways that these non-profits are working to make Charlotte a better place to live.

We are excited to have Painting with a Twist as an Ignite Charlotte 5 sponsor!

Written by: Josie (@JosieMazz), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer