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Better Know a Sponsor: Creativity Unleashed

Melvin NixYou know all of those neat animation effects that you see on the screen at Ignite Charlotte?  Those effects are brought to us by Melvin Nix, and his local Charlotte business, Creativity Unleashed LLC.

Founded in 2010, Creativity Unleashed provides dynamic digital designs and creative visual concepts using the medium of 3d modeling and animation, motion graphics, and post production.  We are pleased that Melvin is unleashing some of his talents to help us create a high quality production, and provide videos of our talks on our website.

Nix believes in the impact that Ignite Charlotte is having in the community.  “No other organization gives the community a platform and a voice to share ideas in the same way that Ignite does,” says Nix.  “I believe that Ignite Charlotte is very passionate about not only giving everyone a voice, but also, its collaborative and networking efforts have a proven track record of efficacy in putting ideas into action.”

In addition to Ignite Charlotte, Melvin volunteers and provides assistance with Charlotte Start-Up Weekend.  He also enjoys meeting and networking with like-minded business owners at BMA Carolinas.  “They provide great tools, and they are very enlightening and encouraging organizations.”

Welcome back Creativity Unleashed and thank you for all the wonderful motion graphics work you do for Ignite Charlotte.

Written by: Josie (@JosieMazz), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer