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Your Thoughts About Ignite Charlotte 2!

We hope you are enjoying the rain and shine that comes with spring in Charlotte!

While you’re stuck inside during the gloomy parts, you might as well see what you and your friends thought about Ignite Charlotte 2 this past February. To think it was already two months ago!

We were very excited to send out this survey; with the addition of the Icebreaker Contest, the live-streaming, and a whole new wave of speakers, we figured you all would have interesting feedback.

And you did not disappoint!

First, close to 90 percent of you said you had either a good or fantastic time at Ignite Charlotte 2. The diversity in speaker topics and the quick format were the most common reasons you enjoyed it. Along with that, about 87 percent said that they would attend another Ignite Charlotte event.


We reached most of you through word of mouth, Twitter and Facebook. We’re glad we did, because based on the survey almost 90 percent of you didn’t attend the first Ignite Charlotte event.

What about the Icebreaker Contest? Will there be one at Ignite Charlotte 3? We left that up for you all to decide.

Though the majority of attendees did not see the contest, those who did participate or watched told us that they liked it, and would enjoy another one. For those of you who didn’t see the Icebreaker Contest, take a look at this 5 minute video of teams creating their interpretations of global monuments.


We appreciated the feedback about topics, speakers and ideas for the next event. We thank you for supporting the speakers, especially when technology decides it doesn’t want to cooperate.

So please, if you have any more questions, comments and suggestions, send them to

Ignite Charlotte is about giving our community a venue to speak (quickly) about ideas and topics that they are passionate about – “Enlighten us, but make it quick” is the mantra and key to Ignite talks. Not fielding your ideas or opinions to make this event the best it can be would do the Charlotte community and the Ignite philosophy a disservice.