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Tag: Better Know

Better Know a Sponsor: Creativity Unleashed

Melvin NixCan you extrude along curves, set up ambient occlusion passes while tracking points for match-moving?  If so, you and Creativity Unleashed, owned and operated by Melvin Nix, will have loads to talk about.

Based in Charlotte, with a current client base that spans from Florida to Missouri, Creativity Unleashed uses  dynamic digital design concepts to produce or enhance visual presentations. 3d animation, motion graphics and video post-production are the company’s main focus. Their most recent work includes a complete graphics package for the S&D Coffee Challenge held here in Charlotte, a logo treatment for the Oakland A’s, an animated intro for a television program and of course the Ignite Charlotte 4 commercial.

Creativity Unleashed has been involved with Ignite Charlotte since it’s second event at the Neighborhood Theatre and strongly believes in the organizations objectives to serve as a catalyst that stimulates creative ideas and innovation within the community. Being part of Charlotte’s artistic community and the entrepreneurial development efforts throughout the city, the company is uncovering a wealth of opportunities because of their sponsorship involvement.

Be sure to catch their pre-show presentation at Ignite Charlotte 4 on March 20, 2012.

Better Know a Sponsor: mailVU

mailVUHow many video junkies with digs in Uptown Charlotte, do you know? We can think of only one and that’s mailVU, the winners of the 2011 Charlotte Venture Challenge and the 2011 NC IDEA Fall Grant competition.

Founded just two short years ago and located in the Packard Place Garage, mailVu offers a free basic video messaging service, a robust business plan for video marketing, and private label options. If you want to get started in video marketing, their online video platform makes it as easy as Click, Record, and Send.

    • Need to record customer video testimonials right from your website? mailVU does that.
    • Want to run a video contest on your website? Yep, they can do it.
    • Need to send your clients and prospects personal video messages? Check.
    • Want to record and embed videos on your e-newsletter or website? mailVU does that too!

Given that innovation is their thing, mailVU can help you record videos on your computer, iPhone, iPad (free app: or Android and send them to your clients and colleagues’ web-enabled device. There aren’t any large files to clog up inboxes because mailVU hosts the videos and streams them to the other person by converting the format automatically. Simply put, mailVU’s videos play just about everywhere! They even have a cool self-destruct feature.

Go ahead. Give it try. Send them a free video message from their Contact Us page and let them know you saw their Ignite Charlotte “Better Know a Sponsor” post.

It comes down to this, with all that video candy and innovation, mailVU and Ignite Charlotte are a great fit. As a returning sponsor and the company we utilize when sending our video mail, mailVU believes that everyone who’s anyone will be at the event and they are happy to be part of it.

We’ll see you at Ignite Charlotte 4 on March 20, 2012.