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Author: Bridget B. Sullivan

Better Know a Sponsor:

We are very excited to announce the first Ignite Charlotte charitable offering. This gift will go to our community’s favorite charity in April and the Ignite Charlotte 4 attendees will make the selection. The sponsor who will help us achieve this goal is creates opportunities for companies to donate $1 to their favorite charity by having customers provide feedback in the form of a survey. After each Ignite Charlotte event, a survey is emailed to registrants. will help us take the pain out of getting honest, meaningful feedback from our attendees, while improving survey response rates and even the quality of the responses.

After creating and administering surveys for University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Flaviu Simihaian started to add a humanitarian face to the online survey industry. He recognized the importance of getting customer feedback and the times when customers seemed bothered by the survey itself. His objective was to provide web solutions with a heart in the form of an online tool that allows you to create a survey, email it to your customers, collect the responses, and make the charity contribution. has partnered with charities around the world to allow companies to donate $1 to charity for every customer that completes their survey. We are proud to participate in this heartfelt solution for giving back to a community that has supported us from the start.

See you at Ignite Charlotte 4 on March 20, 2012 and come prepared to vote for our first, charitable gift recipient.

Better Know a Sponsor: Green Market Girl

This new sponsor is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and with their sister company, S. J. Hilger Interiors, a design and woodworking firm, they create small eco products with re-purposed wood. Please welcome Green Market Girl.

Green Market Girl is the home of the Original EcoCuff, a beautiful piece of wood jewelry made with sustainable, earth-friendly materials. The EcoCuff was the first product born out of wood remnants from their larger design projects and is designed to be light, comfortable and long-lasting. Each cuff is handmade and unique, and the styles are ever-evolving. Eco Coasters, Eco Platters and Eco Canes are also available.

The company believes in what Ignite Charlotte brings to and offers the community; “we feel it’s very important for people to have access to affordable events where they can be mentally and emotionally stimulated, where they can go to ‘think’ about things that may be outside their daily routine or even their comfort zone.”

Green Market Girl is most positively affected by Charlotte’s social media community and the willingness of so many to network and lend a hand when needed.

Welcome to the Ignite Charlotte family of sponsors Green Market Girl. See you on March 20, 2012.