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Survey Says!

Greetings Fellow Igniters!

I'm a Speaker

We at Ignite Charlotte were overwhelmed with the response the Charlotte community gaveus after the first Ignite on August 4.  The speakers were flawless, the venue was great and the attendees made the whole event very special.

Surveys went out to all attendees to see what you actually thought. Here are the results:

  • Overall, the attendees said that they had a fantastic experience (63.4%), while the others had either a good experience, or not bad. Thankfully no one had a bad experience.
  • Three out of every four people who took the survey said that they will definitely come back for Ignite Charlotte 2 (75.6%). No one said that they wouldn’t come back, and 22% couldn’t say definitely, but did acknowledge that they would attend another one.
  • The most common places you all heard about Ignite Charlotte was Twitter, Facebook, Word of Mouth and the Ignite Charlotte website.

Here comes the fun part of the survey. We asked you what you liked about Ignite Charlotte, and the most common answer was…(drumroll)…the speakers!

  • You thought the talks were stimulating, and the diversity of topics was appreciated.
  • Many of you liked the venue, and many more liked the format.
  • With the talks being only 5 minutes, many of the attendees thought the speakers were prepared, professional and informed on their topics.
  • The group liked that many of the talks were actionable, and made you think.

How can Ignite Charlotte improve? You all had plenty of comments for that as well. The most common response was more of the same thing (*blushing*).

  • There were comments about more female presenters, which could definitely be improved.
  • Also, several people wanted food at the event.
  • Presentations that are less sales-pitchy were mentioned, as well as presentations that are supported with more numbers and facts.
  • Some people wanted more presenters, some wanted less.
  • Last and certainly not least, several commented on how they can take home the information, or access the speakers after the event.

And finally, almost all of you (97.5%) want information about Ignite Charlotte events.

Thank you all for your feedback. We want Ignite Charlotte 2 to be bigger and better, and we thank you for your input thus far.  Keep the comments coming.

Happy Igniting!