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Where Are They Now: Stephanie Nelson, Ignite Charlotte 2

We can’t stress how great word-of-mouth marketing has been to Ignite Charlotte’s success. Well, we can and we will – uhm, tell your friends to submit a talk, tell your family to attend the event. (Big smile).

Stephanie Nelson
Photo Credit: Robert Christopher

Past Ignite Charlotte 1 speaker Dwayne Waite did just that; he convinced Stephanie Nelson to submit her talk for Ignite Charlotte 2. Before considering Ignite Charlotte, Stephanie was working at a pay-per-click advertising. Yawn.

Before too long, she landed a job as a social media marketer. Yippee. Once she did her talk at Ignite Charlotte on Personal Branding – Online versus OfflineBAM – she was building her own personal brand in the Charlotte area! Woot-Woot.

Since her talk, she left her social media marketing job (due to company cut-backs). Boo! But Nelson managed to leverage her situation and launch her own social media marketing company. Yeah!

“I have been out on my own for 7 months now and seeing success,” she said. Hooray!

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @StephanieNelson, SBN Marketing @SBNMktg or check out her company webpage at

Written by: Biray (@befitt), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer