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Where Are They Now: Phillip Zannini, Ignite Charlotte 4

Phillip (PhillyMac) Zannini
Photo Credit: Josh Putnam, Silent Images

Remember PhillyMac? He unlocked the geek (not Greek) language with his talk on How to Speak to Your Geek He identified 4 different geek types, best ways to speak to geeks, and applied geek-speak to business and life. Definitely worth watching, if you missed it the first time.

We caught up with PhillyMac, err Phillip Zannini (to be official) and asked him what he had been up to since Ignite Charlotte 4.

“Doing Ignite Charlotte reminded me to focus more on my ideal state – where I really wanted to be versus just being where I was,” he reflected. “I love to speak, share, and motivate.”

Presenting at Ignite Charlotte also gave a boost to his confidence as a speaker. “I’m submitting as a speaker to events within my industry,” he said. Not to mention, it helped expand his social network, too. “I also met some really cool folks.”

True, we are a pretty cool bunch.

In addition to staying busy with his job as a user-experience (UX) professional, he has also become a BeachBody coach to help others achieve their health goals. “When I was younger I was crazy in-shape and I got everyone around me working at it, as well.”

At age 50 with a family of 6 kids and many more dreams to fulfill, this fellow Igniter may come back as PhillyBIGmac! “Maybe I’ll have the opportunity [to] share that story in a future Ignite Charlotte.”

We certainly look forward to it!

Follow PhillyMac on Twitter @phillymac or check out his site at

Written by: Biray (@befitt), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer