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Where Are They Now: Mallory Hole, Ignite Charlotte 2

Mallory Hole
Photo Credit: Robert Christopher

Speakers are motivated to present at Ignite Charlotte for many different reasons. Former Igniter Mallory Hole simply wanted the challenge. “I was also sick of hearing about how lazy and entitled young people were in the work place. I wanted to represent my peers!” she said.

Her talk Gen Y Doesn’t Suck sucked us in with her first words “I don’t suck!” She broke down the stereotype of millennials in the workplace and provided tips on bringing out the best in your Gen Y employees.

She was only a few months out of college and was working at a staffing firm when she initially presented at Ignite Charlotte. “I met so many people [at Ignite Charlotte] – from computer nerds to people in government to local hippies. Some of these contacts were my biggest champions when I was looking for a job months later.”

Mallory now works as a Project Manager at Elevation Church. Like a true millennial multi-tasker (yes, we did learn something from your talk) she does a ton of different things at her job, from social media to working with their record label to writing talking points and managing creative live elements. “I’m one of those lucky people who gets to do what they love. Plus, I have the privilege to work with the most talented, creative people I know.”

Kudos to you, Mallory! You’re right – you most definitely do not suck!

Follow Mallory on Twitter @malloryhole

Written by: Biray (@befitt), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer