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Ignite Charlotte 6 Banner

Ignite Charlotte is back and we’re ready to feature another series of 5 minute talks by community members who will attack a whole new series of problems and introduce a slew of world-changing ideas.

Ignite Charlotte 6 will be held on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at the Neighborhood Theatre in NODA. The event will feature talks by speakers who are personally or professionally passionate about an idea and have the guts to get on stage to share it with their fellow community members. Here’s the kicker, they only have 5 minutes to enlighten us using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, which means the pressure is on so they have to make it quick.

These are the Talks & Speakers for Ignite Charlotte 6 so get your ticket today.

Craig_Pohlman Human Memory: Uploading & Downloading
By Dr. Craig Pohlman (@drcraigpohlman)
Mind Matters at Southeast Psych
MarcyBG_Headshot Better Living Through A Dead Language
By Marcy Braverman Goldstein, Ph.D.

Sanskrit Revolution
Laura_Frohboese Why Your Therapist Is Smiling
By Laura Frohboese
Laura Frohboese LCSW
There Is No Such Thing As A Poisonous Snake 
By Nicki Dardinger

Central Piedmont Community College
JuanGarzon_Final What Tech Startups Can Teach The Rest Of Us 
By Juan Garzon 
Christopher_Smalls Rapid Prototyping In Jewelry 
By Christopher Smalls
Christopher Smalls
Lauren_Stutts Spot A Cherokee Rose Of Resiliency 
By Lauren Stutts 

Davidson College
John_Shaughnessy Jazz Improvisation & The Bass 
By John Shaughnessy II (@jmsbassplayer)
JMS Bass
Eric_LaForce Let’s Teach Ruby Alongside French
By Eric LaForce (@elaforc)

Skookum Digital Works
Frank_Gaskill Human 2.0 We Have Evolved: Aspergers is Awesome!
By Dr. Frank Gaskill (@drfgaskill)

Southeast Psych
WillDAlenRice_Final WATER: I Used It. Now What?
By Will DAlen Rice
Mark_Rickert Smart People Make Beer
By Mark Rickert (@markrickert)

Skookum Digital Works
Heidi_Limbrunner Fat or Fiction: The Truth About The Obesity Epidemic
By Dr. Heidi Limbrunner

Food Wise @ Southeast Psych
Haley_Gouge The Positive Revolution 
By Haley B. Gouge (@haleybgouge) 

Power of The Positive
PhilipZannini Ignite Charlotte 6 MC 
PhillyMac Zannini 
PhillyMac Media