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Tag: Viddles

Better Know a Sponsor: Viddlz

Zerrick Bynum founded Viddlz in 2011 to create a community for home-based bakers to sell their goods, share recipes, and connect. Viddlz’s logan “Let’s Food Together” reflects its goal to bring people together – from the farmers that grow ingredients, to the bakers whose families have always raved about their peach cobbler, to the community that wants to support local home-based bakers and share recipes.

In addition to his passion for food, Zerrick has a passion for people and learning. “I think civil discourse is fundamental to a thriving democracy. It helps develop critical reasoning skills and fosters diversity in thought,” says Bynum. For this reason, he decided to sponsor Ignite Charlotte 5. “These characteristics are key to building a thriving and sustainable local community, and they also represent Viddlz’s Values and Principles.”

Zerrick sees the proliferation of food trucks and local food as evidence of an increasing openness and willingness to venture outside the “common and expected.” He feels enlightened by this trend and sees it in many forms: independent, non-denominational worship and man-made playgrounds like the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

In addition to supporting Ignite Charlotte 5, Viddlz also sponsors BarCamp.

Welcome aboard Viddlz.

Written by: Josie (@JosieMazz), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer