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Tag: the charlotte agency

Better Know a Sponsor: JDW: The Charlotte Agency

JDW: The Charlotte Agency is coming back for the fourth time as Ignite Charlotte’s marketing and communications sponsor. The Charlotte Agency is a marketing communications agency for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses in fashion, entertainment, technology and wellness.

Ignite Charlotte has all the components that a rising international city would want: emphasis on community, passion for innovation, and a steady commonplace for ideas, especially from local business and community advocates.

The Charlotte Agency has a passion for hearing and supporting new ideas and activities. For Charlotte’s sake, The Charlotte Agency believes promoting a talk series like Ignite Charlotte will keep, retain and acknowledge young and bright talent who will help Charlotte become the great city it is destined to be.

JDW: The Charlotte Agency is attracted to ideas like Ignite Charlotte because it gives creative professionals the chance to talk about whatever they want, without being under a looking glass, being judged, or being censored. And that’s pretty sweet.

Thank you JDW: The Charlotte Agency for your continued support of Ignite Charlotte

Written by Bradley Charlesworth