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Better Know a Sponsor:

We are very excited to announce the first Ignite Charlotte charitable offering. This gift will go to our community’s favorite charity in April and the Ignite Charlotte 4 attendees will make the selection. The sponsor who will help us achieve this goal is creates opportunities for companies to donate $1 to their favorite charity by having customers provide feedback in the form of a survey. After each Ignite Charlotte event, a survey is emailed to registrants. will help us take the pain out of getting honest, meaningful feedback from our attendees, while improving survey response rates and even the quality of the responses.

After creating and administering surveys for University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Flaviu Simihaian started to add a humanitarian face to the online survey industry. He recognized the importance of getting customer feedback and the times when customers seemed bothered by the survey itself. His objective was to provide web solutions with a heart in the form of an online tool that allows you to create a survey, email it to your customers, collect the responses, and make the charity contribution. has partnered with charities around the world to allow companies to donate $1 to charity for every customer that completes their survey. We are proud to participate in this heartfelt solution for giving back to a community that has supported us from the start.

See you at Ignite Charlotte 4 on March 20, 2012 and come prepared to vote for our first, charitable gift recipient.

Ignite Charlotte 3 Survey Results!

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our survey for Ignite Charlotte 3. We look at every single response, and try to make Ignite Charlotte the best it can possibly be. This time around was the biggest response yet, and we are thrilled to know so many of you are interested in providing feedback to our team.

Okay, enough with the intro, blabbady blah. Here are the numbers!

Overall, you enjoyed Ignite Charlotte 3! Yay! About 77 percent of you said that you had either a good or fantastic time during the event. Another 18 percent either RSVP’d and couldn’t make it, or thought it was okay.

We appreciate the honesty. Our goal is to make sure Ignite is an enjoyable experience, so we can entertain you again! Based on your answers, we hope to see many of you at the next one. According to the survey, 83 percent of you would like to attend another Ignite Charlotte event, with 34 percent saying that you “wouldn’t miss it!”.  Good, because we kinda like having you all around. 🙂

As Ignite Charlotte builds a tradition, we try to recognize those people who’ve been with us since the very beginning, to those who are seeing Ignite Charlotte for the first time. Only 9 percent of attendees have been to both Ignite Charlotte 1 & 2, and close to 20 percent of you went to IC2. Yes, 67.5 percent of people in attendance at Ignite Charlotte 3 have never been to an Ignite Charlotte event before. How exciting!

How did our communications efforts bring in the crowd? Word of mouth was by far the most effective (as always), but next followed Twitter, previous attendees, Facebook and email.

Next part was the Icebreaker contest. Though many of you did not make it in time for the contest, we were still able to capture enough data to make the question statistically significant. In summary, those who participated had fun and many would like to see another icebreaker contest, which is great! The feedback we got revealed that you want us to make the Icebreaker Contest a bigger deal, better promoted with a ton of interaction and networking. Consider it noted, and you’ve been warned!

And then there were the open-ended questions. We got quite the spectrum of comments, and we appreciated each and every one of them; they truly reflected the lively crowd we attract. The most common themes were that the Neighborhood Theatre is an awesome venue (we agree!), the talks were diverse, and the pace was quick and effective. More than several of you noted how well-run the program was. A couple of people wanted the talks to be geekier, while others thought the attention to the organizations making Ignite Charlotte free was a little too much.

Speaking about free, the questions about the “value” of Ignite Charlotte and having an after-party were part of a litmus test to see what the next couple of Ignite Charlottes may look like. Once we get a better idea from all of you, we will divulge that information as quickly as possible.

And finally, who attends Ignite Charlotte? The winning profile was the 26-49 female from either University Area or Ballantyne. Don’t get discouraged fellas, the ladies were 50.8 percent as supposed to 49.2. But the two biggest draws of people came from the opposite sides of the city. South Park, Plaza Midwood, Uptown and NoDa came in respectively. The demographic definitely fits near the median age for Charlotte (35), so the rest wasn’t too much of a surprise.

Thank you again for your feedback! If you forgot to address something, or wanted to add, please email Have a most wonderful fall!

The Ignite Charlotte Team