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Better Know a Sponsor: SBN Marketing

We are so pleased to have Ignite Charlotte 2 alumna Stephanie Nelson join us as a sponsor this year! Stephanie founded SBN Marketing in 2011 to help small businesses in the Greater Charlotte Metro area with social media.

Stephanie enlightened us on Personal Branding in Ignite Charlotte 2, and now she spends her time enlightening small businesses on managing their social profiles, online reputations, and picking the right social media outlets for their needs.

Ignite Charlotte events are some of the best Charlotte has to offer as far as networking, meeting people, and exchanging ideas,” says Nelson. Stephanie decided to sponsor Ignite Charlotte 5 because “it means a lot to SBN Marketing to help keep these events happening!”

Nelson is also very active in Social Media Charlotte. The breakfast events and after-hours networking sessions “never fail to bring new ideas and new people into the SBN Marketing world.” Stephanie likes the information she’s been able to learn about co-working spaces and details about the DNC Convention.

It’s always great to have returning sponsors like SBN Marketing. Thank you for your continued support of Ignite Charlotte!

Written by: Josie (@JosieMazz), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer

Where Are They Now: Stephanie Nelson, Ignite Charlotte 2

We can’t stress how great word-of-mouth marketing has been to Ignite Charlotte’s success. Well, we can and we will – uhm, tell your friends to submit a talk, tell your family to attend the event. (Big smile).

Stephanie Nelson
Photo Credit: Robert Christopher

Past Ignite Charlotte 1 speaker Dwayne Waite did just that; he convinced Stephanie Nelson to submit her talk for Ignite Charlotte 2. Before considering Ignite Charlotte, Stephanie was working at a pay-per-click advertising. Yawn.

Before too long, she landed a job as a social media marketer. Yippee. Once she did her talk at Ignite Charlotte on Personal Branding – Online versus OfflineBAM – she was building her own personal brand in the Charlotte area! Woot-Woot.

Since her talk, she left her social media marketing job (due to company cut-backs). Boo! But Nelson managed to leverage her situation and launch her own social media marketing company. Yeah!

“I have been out on my own for 7 months now and seeing success,” she said. Hooray!

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @StephanieNelson, SBN Marketing @SBNMktg or check out her company webpage at

Written by: Biray (@befitt), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer