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Tag: SEO

Better Know a Sponsor: Ephricon

Ephricon Web Marketing was founded in Baltimore, MD in 2003, but moved to the Charlotte area in January 2009. Located in the heart of Baxter Village in Fort Mill, Ephricon is an internet marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses generate inbound leads and sales through their web presence. Rather than focusing on banner ads and unsolicited e-mails, Ephricon helps to position its clients as subject matter experts with a website that is a worthwhile resource. They then leverage SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing to help build awareness and provide their clients with a higher profile.

Ephricon President Jon Payne says that they are constantly looking to improve everything about their business and themselves. “Ignite Charlotte really reflects that spirit with fresh ideas, open sharing, and a community approach to continual improvement.” Payne adds that “Ignite Charlotte really reflects our company’s ideals.”

Jon has been pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the Charlotte business community. In the internet marketing space, freelancers and companies that might compete for business openly share ideas and help each other. “It’s a real community feel and I appreciate the vibe and the relationships we’ve made,” says Payne. Ephricon sees Ignite Charlotte as an opportunity to help keep the community open and welcoming.

Ephricon also sponsors the Search Exchange conference here in Charlotte, as well as the Search Engine Marketing Association of Charlotte. In the past, they’ve also been a sponsor of BarCamp and WordCamp. Jon says that he’d love to participate in and hopefully sponsor an event like TedX or any event that creates a local think tank and open-sharing of information on how businesses can participate and help improve the value of content in the web sphere, rather than interrupt it with advertising.

We’re pleased to have Ephricon as an Ignite Charlotte 5 sponsor!

Written by: Josie (@JosieMazz), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer

Better Know a Sponsor: Blueagle Marketing

Blueagle Marketing is a digital marketing firm that transitions a company’s 20th century marketing strategy into the 21st century model for recognition and success. Blueagle utilizes a proprietary Domination Marketing System that gets our clients recognized and drives business through their doors ready to go.

The new world of Google search and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube, can be confusing for businesses both large and small. At Blueagle, we use a hands on , highly consultative approach that guarantees success for our partner companies. We only partner with one business in a particular niche’ market so that all of our attention is on you!

If you are not dominating Google, YouTube and Facebook for your potentential audience, how much is it costing you?

Ignite Charlotte provides us with an avenue to give back to the community by assisting in collaboration between like minded business and people. The knowledge that those involved with Ignite possess, keeps Blueagle on the front line of culture and technology which is good for us, our clients and our community.

Thank you Ignite Charlotte for this great collaborative platform!

And thank you Blueagle Marketing for helping Ignite Charlotte get started! You rock!