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Tag: production

Better Know a Sponsor: Creativity Unleashed

Melvin NixCan you extrude along curves, set up ambient occlusion passes while tracking points for match-moving?  If so, you and Creativity Unleashed, owned and operated by Melvin Nix, will have loads to talk about.

Based in Charlotte, with a current client base that spans from Florida to Missouri, Creativity Unleashed uses  dynamic digital design concepts to produce or enhance visual presentations. 3d animation, motion graphics and video post-production are the company’s main focus. Their most recent work includes a complete graphics package for the S&D Coffee Challenge held here in Charlotte, a logo treatment for the Oakland A’s, an animated intro for a television program and of course the Ignite Charlotte 4 commercial.

Creativity Unleashed has been involved with Ignite Charlotte since it’s second event at the Neighborhood Theatre and strongly believes in the organizations objectives to serve as a catalyst that stimulates creative ideas and innovation within the community. Being part of Charlotte’s artistic community and the entrepreneurial development efforts throughout the city, the company is uncovering a wealth of opportunities because of their sponsorship involvement.

Be sure to catch their pre-show presentation at Ignite Charlotte 4 on March 20, 2012.