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Tag: personal branding

Better Know a Sponsor: SBN Marketing

We are so pleased to have Ignite Charlotte 2 alumna Stephanie Nelson join us as a sponsor this year! Stephanie founded SBN Marketing in 2011 to help small businesses in the Greater Charlotte Metro area with social media.

Stephanie enlightened us on Personal Branding in Ignite Charlotte 2, and now she spends her time enlightening small businesses on managing their social profiles, online reputations, and picking the right social media outlets for their needs.

Ignite Charlotte events are some of the best Charlotte has to offer as far as networking, meeting people, and exchanging ideas,” says Nelson. Stephanie decided to sponsor Ignite Charlotte 5 because “it means a lot to SBN Marketing to help keep these events happening!”

Nelson is also very active in Social Media Charlotte. The breakfast events and after-hours networking sessions “never fail to bring new ideas and new people into the SBN Marketing world.” Stephanie likes the information she’s been able to learn about co-working spaces and details about the DNC Convention.

It’s always great to have returning sponsors like SBN Marketing. Thank you for your continued support of Ignite Charlotte!

Written by: Josie (@JosieMazz), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer

Where Are They Now: Stephanie Nelson, Ignite Charlotte 2

Ignite Charlotte was graced with the presence of Stephanie Nelson during Ignite Charlotte 2, where she gave the ever-pertinent talk, “Personal Branding: Online vs. Offline“. With studies talking about consumer behavior (and professional behavior, for that matter) on social networks and face-to-face interaction, Stephanie informed the crowd by providing the best tips for each environment.

When she spoke at Ignite Charlotte 2, she was doing social media marketing for small businesses at Better Web People. In December 2011, she jumped into the entrepreneur world and started her own practice, SBN Marketing, and plans to continue assisting small businesses in the convoluted worlds of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, for hyperlocal SEO activities.

“My personal brand took off at Ignite Charlotte 2,” Stephanie told us. Truth be told, when Ignite Charlotte 2 finally came around, the day did not start out well for her. She came to the Neighborhood Theatre with a shoe duct-taped together, and to make matters worse, as it sometimes happens at live events, technical issues arose with her presentation.

But-might we add- she finished her entire presentation while barely missing a step. She also got one of the longest applause lines too!

“I’m still recognized around Charlotte and at networking events.” Stephanie added.

We’re are thrilled that Ignite Charlotte 2 helped boost your personal brand, Stephanie. And thank you for adding to the Ignite Charlotte tradition. Good luck with SBN Marketing!