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Tag: Networking

Better Know A Sponsor: JDW: The Charlotte Agency

Hello Ignite Charlotte, we meet again.

We’re JDW: The Charlotte Agency, a full-service agency that dabbles in marketing, advertising and public relations, based right here in Charlotte. We mainly work with new and small businesses, and our favorite niche is the startup tech entrepreneurs. We love working with those who have interesting, quirky and exciting ideas.

We like to think of ourselves as interesting and quirky people.

That is what attracted us to Ignite Charlotte in late 2009, the beginning. We met Bridget and Sam, felt their energy, and we were hooked. To think that we could help set the message and brand for an organization that is about finding local businesspeople speak about local ideas, we couldn’t pass it up. And just weeks from Ignite Charlotte 3, we couldn’t be happier.

Creativity breeds creativity. And being around passionate people who have good ideas, good things tend to happen. That’s why we hang around.

Thank you Ignite Charlotte for the awesome opportunity to make this event a keystone in the Charlotte creative community.

Better Know a Sponsor: Lightbulb Coworking

Post written by Tyler Ford

We are really excited to partner with Ignite Charlotte and be a part of helping new ideas, innovative thinkers and ground-breaking perspectives have a forum to be heard.

We share the same desire here at Lightbulb Coworking. From young, excited designers to seasoned technology professionals…it’s been an incredible experience to see our space become a hub for our local community of creative thinkers.

At Lightbulb, we have created an environment that assists, enables, and in some cases, provides the launching pad for some of Charlotte’s brightest thinkers. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and other independent workers enjoy an open workspace that encourages networking, collaboration and the invaluable social interaction that many of us lack in a home office or the local coffee shop. We are proud to have several past and upcoming Ignite presenters as members. We also have the opportunity to regularly host some of our communities exciting meetups, tweetups and other professional events…again bringing together a community of like-minded people to share, learn and connect.

Whether you are looking to move out of a home office, have your own space to meet and entertain clients, or simply to get a break from your regular table at Starbucks…we’ve got a solution for you. You can get all the details by visiting us at

Thank you Lightbulb Coworking for becoming part of Ignite Charlotte 2!