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Ignite Charlotte 6 Banner

Ignite Charlotte 6 Commercial (HTML5 or Flash)

On Tuesday, September 17th at the Neighborhood Theatre in NODA, Ignite Charlotte 6 will showcase a diverse selection of talks by members from the Charlotte community. All selected speakers get 5 minutes, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, to deliver their talk. Our Master of Ceremonies is PhillyMac Zannini and talks will be delivered in this order:

Talks & Speakers 1st Half:
Human Memory: Uploading & Downloading
by Dr. Craig Pohlman
Better Living Through A Dead Language
by Marcy Goldstein
Why Your Therapist Is Smiling
by Laura Frohboese
There Is No Such Thing As A Poisonous Snake
by Nicki Dardinger
What Tech Startups Can Teach The Rest of Us
by Juan Garzon
Rapid Prototyping In Jewelry
by Christopher Smalls
Spot a Cherokee Rose of Resiliency
by Lauren Stutts


Talks & Speakers 2nd Half:
Jazz Improvisation & The Bass

by John Shaughnessy II
Let’s Teach Ruby Alongside French
by Eric LaForce
Human 2.0 We Have Evolved: Aspergers is Awesome!
by Dr. Frank Gaskill
WATER: I Used It. Now What?
by Will DAlen Rice
Smart People Make Beer
by Mark Rickert
Fat or Fiction: The Truth About The Obesity Epidemic
by Dr. Heidi Limbrunner
The Positive Revolution
by Haley Gouge

Speakers know the Ignite motto: Enlighten us, but make it quick! Get your $5 ticket online or pay cash at the door if tickets are available.