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Tag: Nanocycles

Talks Revealed: Ignite Charlotte 3

The following talks have been selected for Ignite Charlotte 3 and speakers are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
Chestnuts & Nanocycles: The Rhythm of Feedback
Denny Abraham @dennyabraham
A Laugh a Day…
Greg Bartos @theGagency
How to Turn a Bad Date Into a Good Date
Matt Charron @businessmanwlks
The Passion of Latin American Boleros
Ana Lucia Divins @annadivins
Your Office Chair is Killing You
Adam Howell @how
Your Digital Shadow        
Genevieve Jooste @genevievejooste
The Accomplishment Culture
Marion Spears Karr @karrcomedy
Designers Taking Action: Help Communities in Need
Scott Lagueux @slagueux
Zach McNabb
You Are Not Creative, Deal With It!
Jim Mitchem @jmitchem
Like Your Spacephone? Things Are Only Now About to Get Weird
Josh Oakhurst @joshoakhurst
Public-Key Cryptography
Peter Squicciarini @twoseventythree
Bringing Up Green Baby
Megan Van Fleet @meganv
Who Dares, Wins: Misevaluation of Risk in Modern Culture
Max Wallace @wmaxwallace
Micro-fame:  Navigating Pleasures & Pitfalls of Instant Success in a Life Lived at “Internet Speed”
Douglas A. Welton