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Tag: master of many

Where Are They Now: Bermon Painter, Ignite Charlotte 1

Bermon Painter was one of the inaugural speakers at Ignite Charlotte 1 with his talk “Jack of all Trades, Master of Many” on which he shed light on the entire couplet:

Jack of all Trades,
Master of None,
Though oftimes better,
Than a Master of One.

And since giving that 5-minute talk, he is certainly practicing what he was preaching. Since then, he has started the Charlotte User Experience group (CLT UX), Charlotte Front-End Developers, and Charlotte Grok. He has also been influential in organizing a couple of Charlotte BarCamps. Since being in the startup environment, he has a couple of startup ideas in the works, while helping other startups in Charlotte get their legs under them.

Bermon thought Ignite Charlotte gave him a nice push to help make the Charlotte tech community a little bit better and he met a large number of passionate people in the community.

Be sure to check out Bermon’s website to see what he’s up to next. Thanks for growing to be a keystone in our tech community Bermon!