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Tag: Madwreck

Better Know a Sponsor: Dirty Art Club

Dirty Art Club is a music production duo consisting of Matt Cagle and John “Madwreck” McKiever. They’ve produced multiple hip-hop acts and artists, as well as their own instrumental albums. Dirty Art Club’s sound is a distinctive brand of sample based rarities, blended with original compositions that span multiple genres.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Dirty Art Club provides unparalleled music production for a broad range of artists and companies worldwide including Marc Jacobs International clothing company.

While Dirty Art Club’s accomplishments span the globe, they have yet to dig in and build within their own community. When approached to provide the music for Ignite Charlotte 3 they were delighted to do so and knew it would be a great opportunity to get  involved locally.

The Charlotte community has much to offer with a diverse selection of art and entertainment venues, educational platforms and non-profit organizations. Ignite Charlotte brings it all together in an intriguing and fast paced manner. Dirty Art Club appreciates that and looks forward to creating the soundtrack that perfectly coordinates with the diversity of the event.

Thanks Dirty Art Club, we look forward to working with you as well on September 13th!