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Tag: Lightbulb Coworking

What Happened at Ignite Charlotte 2?

The Ignite Charlotte organizing committee, pleasantly surprised at the success and feedback from Ignite Charlotte 1, decided to do it again, but bigger – and with global implications.

Ignite Charlotte 2 was going to be a part of Global Ignite Week. Global Ignite Week (GIW) is when Ignite cities all over the world schedule their Ignite event in a 7-day period. Global Ignite Week was scheduled for early February.

Therefore, early February it shall be.

Ignite Charlotte 2 added two more things into its communal basket: Live-streaming, so anyone interested in seeing Ignite Charlotte was able (and encouraged!), and the Icebreaker Contest; an event before the talks which involved people forming teams with people to solve a problem, create something, or play a game.

February came, and Ignite Charlotte 2 was off! The icebreaker contest was sponsored by the awesome folks at Southern Resources, a scrap metal and supplies joint that gave us everything from bullet shells to computer motherboards and mechanical gears. The teams were tasked to build replicas of their assigned “Wonder of the World.”

The speakers were just as awe-inspiring and thought-provoking as the last group! With an international focus for Ignite Charlotte 2, many of the talks mirrored the theme.  Paolo Nagari, who had some time before running off to Italy, spoke of intercultural intelligence. Adam S. Brooks, from CPCC spoke of Geek being chic. Naturally, one could be a geek anywhere in the world. In fact, as he presented, geeks are needed. And Stephanie Nelson told the audience about important elements of social media.

Oh yes, forgot to mention – Ignite Charlotte 2’s attendance nearly doubled the first one. Ignite Charlotte 2 brought it close to 500 people!

Can Ignite Charlotte 3 match this? The speakers, volunteers and sponsors think so.

Enlighten us Ignite Charlotte 3…and make it quick!

The Icebreaker Contest: Ignite Charlotte Style

The Icebreaker contest is coming back to Ignite Charlotte, please hold the excitement.

The contest will be completely different than Ignite Charlotte 2’s in three important ways:

The Sponsor: Lightbulb Coworking

The Contest: Though building the Wonders of the World was a treat, we have a whole new problem for the participants.

Part Deux: This won’t be our first ro-dey-o, so we’re going to have more fun putting it on! (not that we didn’t have fun, but simply more fun 🙂 )

What stays the same:

The Purpose

The Icebreaker contest is for people to have a chance to network and play with other participants they might not have otherwise met. The team will be required to work together in order to win the contest. The overall goal is for the participants to have fun, meet new and interesting people, and to leave Ignite Charlotte 3 enlightened, and with a story. Oh yea, one team will have a few months of bragging rights.

The Case

Participants will be placed on a team and they must solve a certain problem. None of the teams will know of the problem until it is revealed by the Icebreaker contest team.

The Timing

The Icebreaker contest will start as close to 6:05pm as possible. Participants and spectators will be highly encouraged to arrive early. Plus, the bar will be open too. Beat the line!

The Fun!

We are super excited for Ignite Charlotte 3’s Icebreaker contest, and you should be too. We’re adding another element to it, which will be revealed on the day of…it won’t be for the weak at heart! (just kidding, the weak at heart are more than welcome).

Those of you who signed up to participate in the Icebreaker contest, we’ll open the doors for you so make sure you arrive early. See you there!