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Tag: Leaders

Better Know a Sponsor: The Charlotte Junior Chamber (Jaycees)

Written by: Dwayne W. Waite Jr. @DwayneWa

Today’s leaders collaborate, inspire and inform using creative formats and new media tools. As Charlotte’s premier young professional leadership development organization, the Charlotte Junior Chamber is excited to support Ignite Charlotte, a local event that draws such a diverse group of people and passions together for mutual enlightenment. . . and a lot of fun!

Charlotte Junior Chamber

Charlotte Junior Chamber members value the opportunity to learn, develop relationships and give back to the community through strategic training events and philanthropic efforts. They are not only promoting the attendance of the Ignite Charlotte event, but will also help coordinate logistics onsite.  In addition, the Charlotte Junior Chamber will offer support to members who aspire to be Ignite speakers.

With a long history of business, individual, community and international development, going back to 1929, the Charlotte Junior Chamber chapter continuously seeks out new ways to stay on the cutting edge as a resource to the community.  2011 President, David Hoffman says, “It is by recognizing the needs and passions of our generation that today’s business and community leaders will draw out the skills and efforts needed to help make Charlotte continually known as a premier city of growth and vision. We commend the Ignite Charlotte team for bringing this international phenomenon to our city and look forward to participating in its success.”

And we’re excited to have the Charlotte Junior Chamber as part of our team!