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Tag: Larry Shaheen

Where Are They Now: Lawrence Shaheen, Jr., Ignite Charlotte 2

We caught up with past Ignite Charlotte speaker, Lawrence Shaheen, Jr. (y’all know him as Larry) to find out the latest and greatest in the world of politics.

Lawrence (Larry) Shaheen Jr
Photo Credit: Robert Christopher

If you recall his talk at Ignite Charlotte 2 on Bringing Charlotte Together by Bridging the Gap he said (quite boldly, in fact) that “We have to find a way to bring our leaders together… and help them understand that we all stand and work together.”

He continues working towards collaboration by bringing people of common interests together to get things done for the people of Charlotte. Since his involvement with Ignite Charlotte, business has been booming and he has begun teaching at UNCC.

Ah, how the budding ‘poly sci’ pupils of Charlotte will be ignited like we once were.

Follow Larry on Twitter @lawshaheenjr or check out his consulting firm at

Written by: Biray (@befitt), Ignite Charlotte 5 Volunteer