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Better Know a Sponsor: Lightbulb Coworking

Lightbulb Coworking joins us this year as our Icebreaker sponsor. Lightbulb brings people together in a fun environment who are out there making things happen and the Ignite Charlotte 3 Icebreaker does the same. Perfect combination don’t you think?

Not convinced? Learn more about the Ignite Charlotte 3 Icebreaker here. To learn more about Lightbulb, keep reading.

Lightbulb Coworking invites business owners to set up shop in a bright environment that fosters creativity and the birth of new ideas.

All are welcome, whether start-ups, freelancers, independent contractors or entrepreneurs. With such an inspirational place to work, it’s no surprise that several Lightbulb Coworking members have participated in past Ignite Charlotte events as a volunteer or selected speaker.

Says Lightbulb Coworking, “We like anyone who is starting, or igniting anything. Our space is full of individuals who are stepping out and working to do something new, innovative and world-changing. We’re excited to see Charlotte continue to birth and foster new ideas, and look forward to being a part of the conversation”

Thank you Lightbulb Coworking for sponsoring the Ignite Charlotte 3 Icebreaker contest.

How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh?

Post written by: Dwayne Waite, Jr., JDW: The Charlotte Agency

Answer: Enough to Break The Ice.

That’s right Charlotte, for Ignite Charlotte 2 we are going to have an Icebreaker contest! Our Ice Breaker Coordinators, Joel Bonasera and Josh Mauldin (as announced on Facebook) are working diligently to make sure this contest is a great experience.

What is the Icebreaker contest? Can’t tell you. But we can tell you this-

Participants will work in teams to create something from… something else. What we can say is that there is a heavy emphasis on problem solving and creative expression with a global tint. Participants will be divided into teams, and while each team will have a specific goal, all teams will be working on a similar project.

Space will be limited to the first 36 people to join the activity.

Will there be a prize? Absolutely! We at Ignite Charlotte want to award creativity. Those that do not participate in the activity will be judges, and the winners will be decided by popular vote.

is the supporting sponsor of the Ignite Charlotte 2 Icebreaker contest.

So what are you waiting for? Go and RSVP for Ignite Charlotte and respond to the Icebreaker contest question!