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Tag: iOS

Better Know a Sponsor: Invisible Interface

Great design is invisible; at least when it comes to iOS apps and websites created by the team at Invisible Interface. To ensure happy viewers, their designers produce beautiful interfaces that are user-friendly and process-driven.

The folks at Invisible Interface have a true love for learning and finding new techniques to make their work better. This willingness to learn has allowed them to provide an enjoyable, dead simple experience that keeps users happy.

This passion for learning also makes their relationship with Ignite Charlotte 4 a perfect fit.

“I’ve been helping since Ignite 2,” said Creative Director Joshua Mauldin. “I love the idea; it’s great fun to see people and what they’re in to. The knowledge that gets shared always makes me feel happy.”

Invisible Interface can be found at just about any meetup where ideas are shared and nerdery is celebrated! Startup weekends, BarCamp, Ignite Charlotte, they love them all.

In addition to attending and volunteering, Josh and Invisible Interface are excited to sponsor Ignite Charlotte 4 to ensure the Charlotte community can continue to share knowledge and feel happy.

Written by Bradley Charlesworth