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Tag: ignite charlotte 3 speaker

Where Are They Now: Megan Van Fleet, Ignite Charlotte 3

Megan Van Fleet gave Ignite Charlotte 3 a glimpse of modern motherhood as she presented her talk, “Bringing Up Green Baby” and showing those future mommies and daddies that in this climate, and with everything else on your plate, you could still be able to live in a way that can help save the planet for a future generation.

What has Megan been up to since then? She’s been embracing the Stay-at-home-Mom life, while adding more stuff on her plate like volunteering around our Queen City.

Megan has a fun story about how Ignite Charlotte struck her. Because of her Ignite Charlotte 3 talk, she’s been helping other parents in raising their children to be responsible stewards, and has increased her network with other parents who are trying to make a difference.

On another note, she loved her experience so much, she joined the Ignite Charlotte 4 team as the Sponsorship Coordinator! Welcome abroad matey!

Check out Megan’s website when you get the chance to see helpful green baby tips and other green ideas.

It’s great to have you and the baby on board the team, Megan!

Where Are They Now: Max Wallace, Ignite Charlotte 3

Max Wallace is no stranger to risk. As founding president of Hackerspace Charlotte, sometimes things can be a little…uncertain. That’s why we were excited to hear his talk at Ignite Charlotte 3, “Who Dares, Wins: Misevaluation of Risk in Modern Culture”. It was a fascinating look into what is actually risky versus what looks risky, and really isn’t (i.e. deaths while having a ground pool versus the probability of a shark attack).

Wallace has been on quite the hot streak. He spoke at TEDxCharlotte, took the SAT again on a bet, and finished the World’s Largest QR Code attempt with Hackerspace Charlotte.

Max told us that Ignite Charlotte introduced him to a whole new range of fascinating people. He then said that although he can’t tell us, “you’ll definitely know we’ve done it by the sonic boom.”

We didn’t push further.

Lastly, Hackerspace Charlotte was featured in January’s Charlotte Magazine. Check ’em out!

Thanks for participating in Ignite Charlotte 3, Max, and keep on making Charlotte interesting!