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Tag: Ideas

Better Know a Sponsor: JDW: The Charlotte Agency

Written by: Dwayne W. Waite Jr. @DwayneWa

The Marketplace for Ideas is not so common place as it once was. As political correctness fills the airwaves, and sensible argument and conversation now thrives outside popular circles (and TV networks), people who desire spreading, learning and hearing good and new ideas have to search hard for an outlet.

The Charlotte Agency believes that Ignite Charlotte provides such an outlet. And that’s why we’re thrilled to do a second tour as part of the Ignite Charlotte Committee.

Ideas are awesome. Good ideas are even better. For Ignite Charlotte to champion intelligent conversation on a local stage, we think, is fantastic. Where else can community members get 5 minutes of totally un-interrupted time to tell their community about an idea or passion they hold dear?

No seriously…where else? We’d like to know if they’re others. But we doubt it.

As a marketing agency, or advertising shop – whatever you’d like to call us – The Charlotte Agency is dedicated to two things: 1) To take the boring out of advertising in Charlotte, and 2) Help the Charlotte community build upon itself so it can finally overtake Raleigh, Atlanta, and Jacksonville as a business destination.

We can’t do either of those without good ideas, and people willing to hear them.

The only bad idea is thinking that your idea shouldn’t be heard. Come to Ignite Charlotte 2, and be enlightened. Come to Ignite Charlotte 2 and mingle with professionals who have the same drive as you do. Come to Ignite Charlotte 2 to see what all the noise is about, and how you can add to it.

Thank you JDW: The Charlotte Agency for coming back as a sponsor!