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Tag: Icebreaker contest

Better Know a Sponsor: Southern Resources

Southern Resources, located right on the outskirts of NoDa, is in the business of recycling scrap metal and electronics.

Southern Resources enjoys partnering with the public and businesses to align profitable recycling with the greater good of the community.

Most are familiar with the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, but Southern Resources is unique among scrap metal dealers in its proactive encouragement of the “Reuse” part of that mantra.  Southern Resources thoroughly enjoys collaborating with innovative individuals to find new and useful life for obsolete or second-hand material.

We are looking forward to meeting and assisting like-minded individuals, and we’re thrilled to be the official sponsor for the Icebreaker Contest being held during Ignite Charlotte 2.

We’re on facebook too! Jump on, learn more about us and meet our staff. We love visitors too, to stop by and see what we have, or trade something in.

Thank you Southern Resources for supplying us with all KINDS of stuff. We’re pumped for the Icebreaker Contest!