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Tag: bspoke

Better Know A Sponsor: it’s bspoke

As the entrepreneurial landscape of Charlotte has grown, it’s bspoke has emerged to provide ideas, projects and news to inspire small business leaders. As a newsletter to advance the start-up community, it’s bspoke has provided an excellent opportunity to connect the start-up community.

Jim Van Fleet, a software developer and founder of it’s bspoke, believes that Charlotte is on the verge of a groundswell of small business growth. As ideas have been planted and blossomed, Jim believes Ignite Charlotte has helped connect passionate residents of the Queen City and encouraged partnerships that have contributed to the growth in the start-up community. Jim and it’s bspoke are proud to support the local enlightenment process as a sponsor for Ignite Charlotte 4. It also helps that his beautiful, loving, wonderful and ever-persuasive wife, Megan, is the sponsorhip coordinator.

We appreciate it’s bspoke commitment to Ignite Charlotte and hope that all of you will browse their website and enjoy a FREE subscription to their newsletter.

Written by Bradley Charlesworth