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Sponsor Spotlight – Finish the Wall

Finish the Wall exists for the sole purpose of completing unfinished churches and other humanitarian efforts that have been left in some phase of construction without a plan or funding for completion.

It all began when a group of men went to the island of Barbados in 2004 on a construction mission trip from a local church in Charlotte, NC. They spent seven days on that beautiful island working on a 12,000 square foot building that had been in construction for 12 years. The project had been started and worked on periodically by good-willed churches from the United States but was left without provisions to complete the project.

This group of men went back to the building several times over the next couple years and made some progress on this project. Upon the return from one of these trips, founder Joel Davis felt called to start a ministry that focused on the completion of projects in a timely manner so that these facilities could be used for their intended purpose. Based on the book of Nehemiah, and Nehemiah’s vision to complete the wall around Jerusalem, Finish the Wall was brought into existence in 2007 and operates now as a non-profit 501(c)3.

In 2008 Finish the Wall returned to the island of Barbados. With 39 people representing nine churches from across the eastern US, the group invested an additional four weeks on the project, seeing it through to its completion.