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Reasons Why You Should Rock an IGNITE Badge

Written by: Dwayne Waite Jr., JDW: The Charlotte Agency

Ignite Charlotte is less than a month away! Time to make some decisions:

-Who will I tell about Ignite?
-What will I do there?
-How can Ignite help me?

Have no fear, we’re here to help. We have IGNITE Badges! Yes, digital ones. Below are reasons why you should rock an Ignite Badge.

1.Brings attention and traffic to your site!
 Attaching the badge to your blog or website can boost your site’s online ranking in Google and other online search engines. With the code that links the badge to your site, you may be able to attract an audience that you may have otherwise missed.

2. Boosts your credibility!
People trust third party affiliations a lot. Like judging a person based on their friends, professionals analyze the events other pros attend. To show support for a dynamic, fun and innovative event like Ignite will launch you into a group of thinkers, doers and talkers in the Charlotte community.

3. Promotes you to your network!
Aw come on now, you think we wouldn’t find a way to show you some love? The badges allow you to use the Ignite brand to tell the world that you’re speaking, attending or sponsoring one of the more unique events in the Queen City.

We could go on, but that would go against making it quick…wouldn’t it?