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Quick! Ignite Charlotte is Making Headlines!

Written by: Dwayne Waite Jr., JDW: The Charlotte Agency

Quick! Ignite Charlotte is Making Headlines!

Ignite Charlotte is quickly approaching. Speakers are busy creating, editing and organizing their 20 slides. Sponsors are telling everyone they know to show up to Neighborhood Theatre. And attendees are following Ignite Charlotte on Twitter and Facebook and checking the website for new information about this exciting event.

Since you’re here you must be looking for more info, so we want to make sure you’re getting all the latest news about Ignite Charlotte. We scoured the web to find where Ignite Charlotte is making noise. Here’s who’s saying what about us:

A listing in the Charlotte Observer:

Ignite Charlotte on LinkedIn:

Jason, one of our Enlighteners:

Dwayne, from JDW: 

And a post from Jenifer Daniels that was picked up by the CLT Blog:

Enjoy! And drop us a line if we missed anyone.