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Ignite – What a Concept! I Had to Get Involved

I was turned on to Ignite Lansing by a good friend who had just moved back to Michigan.  We all watched online as he did his 5-minute shtick.  WOW, this looked like so much fun!  So I started looking for Ignite Charlotte.

But….there was no Ignite Charlotte, so I contacted O’Reilly who sent me all the requirements to get an Ignite up and running and thanked me for my interest. Well… if you only had seen the list, there was still going to be no Ignite Charlotte because I could not pull it off on my own.

Blueagle Marketing is a new and successful venture and Ignite would be a great place to network and meet folks.  And what a great sponsorship opportunity it would be, but there was just no way.  Thanks O’Reilly but I am not your man.

Maybe 6 weeks goes by and in comes this great gal with lots of energy and says, “I want to help!”  I say, “Hey, why don’t you do it and I will help!”  So here we are and thanks to Bridget B. Sullivan for taking this bull by the horns and making Ignite happen.

Yes, Blueagle Marketing is the sponsor and proud of that.  Blueagle Marketing specializes in getting our clients recognition in a digital world and converting that recognition into dollars in the bank!  By raising our clients’ brand awareness, we have elevated and captured their intangible assets so that they are much more profitable than they were prior to our relationship.  It’s a win-win and we love what we do.

However, the main reason that we sponsored Ignite Charlotte is to raise awareness of a major issue here in our own back yard.  There are more than 2900 homeless children here in Mecklenburg County.  2900! The need is huge and the situation is urgent.  So please, contact me, Sam Fagan at and get more details on how you can help!  We at Blueagle refuse to let this issue rest right here in our own back yard.  But just like with Ignite, we need help.  The kids need help.  Act on this now!

Ignition on, let’s rock with Ignite Charlotte!

Sam Fagan – CEO, Blueagle Marketing