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Carolina Girl Geek Dinner – Better Know A Sponsor

Carolina Girl Geek DinnerOur Better Know A Sponsor series continues with information provided by Regina Spagnardi about the Carolina Girl Geek Dinner group, a new sponsor and hosts of the Ignite Charlotte 6 Icebreaker Contest.

If you are an IT girl, how many times have you been to an IT class or event and at some point realized that you are either the only girl there or one of very few? On the plus side, there is never a line for the Women’s restroom. 🙂

But seriously, I was inspired by the group in London and now there are over 100 groups organized internationally. We launched in 2008 and became the 5th United States based group that brings women in IT together with a common goal of meet, inspire and encourage. We strive to breakdown social stereotypes, spread the knowledge about geeky subjects and create a community support network for girl geeks.

After attending Ignite Charlotte last year, I thought it was one of the most amazing things! I left being so inspired and knew that I wanted to be more involved in the future. Ignite Charlotte brings information to the community. There’s nothing better than learning about something new. I love how you get a glimpse into the speaker’s passion and discover what resonates in their world.

We are proud to be an Ignite Charlotte 6 sponsor and we have a really cool Icebreaker Contest in store for those willing to enter into the Drop Zone.

When asked about her favorite movie, Regina replied, “Gotta love a classic like Office Space that you can watch over and over and still crack up!”

Enlighten us, but make it quick!