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Better Know a Sponsor: Adspark

AdSpark Promo Products is a locally owned promotional products company with a conscience. They offer items from koozies, keychains and t-shirts to usbs, mousepads and mice. All they need is your logo! Their goal is to raise awareness for local non-profits and grassroot events like Ignite Charlotte.

Get this: 5% of any proceeds benefit the non-profit of your choice. In the past, orders have helped  local charities like the YWCA, Down Syndrome Association, Humane Society and Partners for Parks.  Your brand and your non-profit are then mentioned multiple times on AdSpark’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

Says AdSpark, “We’re a proud sponsor of Ignite Charlotte 3 because Ignite Charlotte encourages innovation, ideas and community participation. Non-profits thrive on innovation and creativity and we are a strong advocate of any event that does the same. Besides, with names like AdSpark and Ignite Charlotte we were surely destined to work together.”

Thanks AdSpark! You’re the “Spark” that helps us “Ignite” the community!