Submit A Talk

Submit A Talk

We’ll Let You Know When To Send Us Your Talk Ideas For Ignite Charlotte 8. Thanks!

THAT’S A WRAP! Thanks to everyone who submitted a talk for Ignite Charlotte 7.

Before you Submit A Talk, watch How To Pitch Ignite. We expanded Randy’s points to 7 that you definitely want to consider.

  • Slides are not required at this time.
  • Professional speaking experience is not required.
  • Provide an answer to all questions asked on the form.
  • Talk titles should serve as a window for your talk description.
  • Steer clear of past Ignite Charlotte talk topics.
  • Judges select 14-16 talks from an average pool of 40 talk submissions.
  • Sales pitches, business or organization pitches, self promotion that leads us to the selling of a product or service, and/or verbose submissions will be rejected.

You can tell us your personal, professional or business start-up story by focusing on the lessons rather than promoting yourself, business, product or service. Carmen Hudson successfully delivered an Ignite Seattle talk by balancing self-promotion and lessons she wanted you to learn. Take a look at I Stalk Strangers Online and see how she did it.

Need Inspiration?

Watch videos from Ignite Charlotte 1 through 7 on our Gallery page. All talks use 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds giving the speaker a total talk time of 5 minutes.

Ready to Submit A Talk?

A SUBMIT A TALK FORM will be available when we say GO!, starting at a time yet To Be Determined. The form will be deactivated on a day and time yet To Be Determined. Be sure to Submit A Talk on time!

Enlighten us, but make it quick!