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Welcome everyone to Ignite Charlotte 5!

Welcome to Ignite Charlotte 5!

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by our name in lights!

Big and beautiful, Ignite Charlotte is featured on the Neighborhood Theatre marquis!

5:45 PM, doors open!

Tonight’s hashtag is #IgniteCLT  – so tweet away!

MeghanM September 25, 20129:07 pm

Bridget wraps us up with a few thoughts:

*Be kind
*Take time to talk to one another. Get away from your devices. Say hello in person, rather than online.

*Be with them (people); really be with them!

And Ignite Charlotte 5 concludes!

Thank you for coming.
Thank our volunteers.
Thank our sponsors.

MeghanM September 25, 20129:06 pm

Jon says:

We live in an incredibly busy, overwhelmed, over-scheduled, overcommitted society and most people feel like there is never enough time. Everyone is looking for extra hours in
the day, but as Jon says, if we had 30 hours I bet that still wouldn’t feel like enough.

When people do two tasks at once it can drop their cognitive capacity

For example:
Jon tells about the time he accidentally sent a message to his girlfriend meant for his friend. D’oh!

>>>So, Jon has a way to get more time in our days. And it is called the 25th Hour.

Jon shared brain research about the negative effects of multi-tasking and how being constantly at the mercy of phones, texts, emails, social media etc. can hurt our relationships and communication.

Jon shared with us ways to get back in control of time.

It is an exercise called a Power Hour where you commit 100% of your focus to one task or activity. People get into a state of flow when they practice a Power Hour which is what researchers call the state of the human mind where it feels like time stands still.

When we do this, we feel more complete and our days will feel like we have 25 hours. And the more time we spend doing what brings us purpose and meaning, the more it will cultivate our authenticity. And people will start to follow experiences and a unique direction that make them come alive.

So Jon tells us:
Do one activity.. One thing at a time. Like Jon’s hike. Do something that brings you purpose and need. Something that “recreates” you.

Share your activities at #25thhour.

Share your story with your costs.

Cultivate your authenticity.


See what is important to you


what are we?

Jon wants to co-create a world where people come together with their authenticity. Work on your best self.

Time will be abundant.

MeghanM September 25, 20128:55 pm

Our last talk of the night:

“The 25th Hour”
Jon Davis
Find him on twitter @elements2lead

MeghanM September 25, 20128:54 pm

It’s your
change it
jennifer Daniels, @thefriendraiser

Don’t vote. Don’t complain. That’s her mantra.

In four years she went from being unemployment to being on channel 36’s flashpoint.

So how can you do this?
1) Fill a need
*70,000 of our fellow residents live in a food dessert. Robin brought food to the poeple.

2)Magnify your gift.
*New generation of African American Philanthropists, Making real change

3)Get hands on – where do you fit in?
*Arts and Science Council, Cultural Leadership Training. Graduating and placing them on boards.
*don’t have time, but you still care. Power2give.org fund a student, each one teach one
5)Power in your mind
*teach people; volunteer.
6) Celebrate yourself – who are you.. what do you have to offer. Figure out how to use your passion in your community.
7) Service without lip service – Don’t wait, do it!
8) Start up something!
9) Take it and DO SOMETHING!!

ACTION ITEM: It’s your community; change it!

MeghanM September 25, 20128:53 pm

Kid’s, Social Media
and Relationship
Management in
the Digital Age
Phillip (PhillyMac) Zannini
Senior User

Find him on twitter @phillymac

1. MINE- I control
2. Prevention, protection proaction (which isn’t really a word).
–> Prevention It keeps them safe.
Club Penguin, Webkinz, email clients (name in address books), barbie, ning social network
–> twitter, facebook, progression

3. Start small; step-by-step build them

MeghanM September 25, 20128:43 pm


by Juan Garzon
Find him on twitter: @jcgarzon

Innovation has long been misunderstood, often attributed to artists, inventors, or especially gifted people who achieve sudden bursts of insight in the shower. Creativity was
something you were either born with, or not. However, science has recently suggested otherwise. Books like ”Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson or ”Imagine”
by Jonah Lehrer shed light on the possibility of actually using our environment to make ourselves more innovative.

How to intentionally
improve our innovative capacities within our children as well as within our greater community… or maybe even our world.

1. Experience new things
2. Get out of your box – take a walk with your dog. You never know what will “stick”
3. Learn to play the violin – not really, but learn something new.
4. Share everything! BE THE WOZ!
5. Embrace people who do things differently. LET’S DO IT! -Gary Gilmore

MeghanM September 25, 20128:40 pm

Next up: Release Your Inner Designer

by Rich Robinson

Rich is a designer with Skookum Digital

You can find him on twitter at:

When you ask most people what design is, they’ll describe the visual aspects of something. ”The way it looks.” When you ask most designers what design is, they’ll say it is
creative problem solving. However, design is actually much more than either of those things! It’s a whole process, a way of thinking and a conscious decision.

Rich says: we are all designers – we just have to choose to release our inner designers.

Design is deliberately making something excellent. Take your time & do it right. Everyone here is a designer! Put your heart and soul into it; be passionate.

Not just in our careers, but put this designer philospohy into our lives. Into our relationships.

1. Design is so much more than ”making things pretty.”
2. We are all designers, even if what we do is not ”design.”
3. We’ve all got to work together if we want to make something awesome.

MeghanM September 25, 20128:35 pm

Who are we?

We’re fostered by our environment, our parents, our friends.

We let others know who we are when we enter a discussion. We assert our position to prove to ourselves who we are.

But Lucy tells us about how we grow. We grow with change. We grow when we let our nurtured expectations go.

Fight the expectations of stereotypes.
Fight other people’s expectations.
Don’t look at someone with expectations. Allow them to be anything.
A change can be good.

MeghanM September 25, 20128:29 pm

Lucy Barber @lucb202 jumps right into her talk:

Lucy tells us about our identity.

MeghanM September 25, 20128:25 pm

Laurie tells about the Jedi Mind Trick; getting people to do your bidding is more possible than you would imagine.

She is going to teach you a few, simple, super secret techniques that YOU can master to become a Jedi in no time.

Laurie says:

1) always ask nicely

* one person needs something, another person wants something; both people have power. Everyone needs something.

2) see things from other people’s point of view

*via multiple personality disorder — no she’s kidding…
*via empathy

3) Laugh
* make fun of yourself
* it let’s them see you as a human

Ask nicely. Empathize. Laugh.
I wish you luck. May the force be with you and may you all get your way!

MeghanM September 25, 20128:20 pm

Please welcome Laurie Smithwick

Who’s delivering her talk
“How to Get Pretty Much Anyone to do Pretty Much Anything”
Find this french fry lover and cilantro hater online at @UpsideUp

MeghanM September 25, 20128:18 pm

— PART 2 —

MeghanM September 25, 20128:18 pm

Welcome back everyone!

Earlier tonight we had an icebreaker contest.

MINDJET out of San Francisco
& Charlotte Space Exploration are explaining what happened during the icebreaker and announcing the winners.

The basics: Laws of Induction

Power a lightbulb using a bike & an RC car.
YAY For the winners!

Mindjet brought a prize for the winners:
Software licenses to Mindjet. So cool! A way to turn your ideas into a mind map, turn your vision into action!

Congrats to everyone who won!

Second place gets a prize too!

Great job you guys!

MeghanM September 25, 20128:09 pm

Five minutes people!
Start shuffling back in to the theatre!

PART 2 is on it’s way!

MeghanM September 25, 20127:52 pm

Max Wallace
If you would like to make a call, please hang up and follow these instructions.

Technology Instigator with Hackerspace Charlotte

1 Know what you want
2 No dead air
3 Don’t leave a voicemail

MeghanM September 25, 20127:49 pm

Markus found himself in the center of the digital divide.

Teaching high schoolers how to make websites. The issue he found when teaching kids, most kids still don’t have internet access at home.

The digital divide.

He found if he taught kids the basics, they would run with it.

Markus says, you don’t have to be brilliant. Teach them the basics. Let them be creative & run with it!

Help build a pipeline of talent.

Markus wants to this pipeline to be people that will help him when he’s old & gray.

Markus says, go ahead…
You can do it anywhere.
We can make an impact.

The digital divide is real. It is in Charlotte. 20% of kids don’t have internet access at home. More than 50% of adults need help doing simple things like learning how to access the web.

If you want to start, don’t leave it up to someone else. Pick a place to start.

MeghanM September 25, 20127:42 pm

Up next:
Markus Beamer with his talk:

Standing in the Center of the Digital Divide

MeghanM September 25, 20127:40 pm

So go ahead Russell
IGNITE us with your talk: Cloud Labor

Russell has been playing with crowdsourcing quite a bit the past couple of years and think it makes for an interesting topic. Plus I
want to continue working on my presentation skills, I think the
format will be a fun challenge to take on.

A high level overview of what cloud labor is. How both individuals and companies could use it. A brief overview of Amazon Mechanical turk and other providers. What could the
future hold for cloud labor? What are some of the legal/ethical concerns? i.e paying people $.01 to do a task. **I am actually running a task in Mechanical Turk right now to
come up with a name for the presentation.

What cloud labor is.
Let’s go through the types of crowdsourcing: Kickstarter, wikipedia, xprize, then there’s cloud labor: freelancers all over the world that you can hire them to do things for you.

$5 to make a custom fortune cookie!

2. Knowledge of a few interesting ways/uses for cloud labor.

There are still some things that a computer can’t do. For those things, cloud labor. Quick workers who can do what a computer can’t do.

Micro-task workers. While they do save some money, they save time. Not just one person working on your task at a time, several people constantly working.

ONE THOUGHT: In the time he Russell was on stage, if you had $100, you could complete 4,000 tasks. If that’s not the future of labor, I don’t know what is!?

MeghanM September 25, 20127:35 pm

And from Vultures to the clouds….

Russell Hammond is here to tell us about : Cloud Labor

Russell is the “Head Gopher” for Gopher Labs
When he’s not on stage at Ignite Charlotte, you can find him on twitter: @russjhammond

MeghanM September 25, 20127:34 pm

Nicki wants to share her passion with us
and her passion is vultures?

Tonight she’s going to tell us
– why they are important
– and what people can do to make a difference for vultures!

Nicki says:
• Vultures have a bad reputation: ugly, disgusting, dirty, and not good to have around.

But she argues:
• vultures are awesome – and a crucial part of the ecosystem.

Did you know that vultures have self-made air-conditioning, powerful stomachs that can kill anthrax, projectile vomiting to scare away predators?!

They’re smart. They can paint. They are “the cleaners”


Nicki tells us why they are threatened in the United States and around the world, and what people can do to make a difference.

Turns out it’s a livestock & cattle drug. 🙁 they can’t process the drug & they die.

Results in less vultures, more rabies.

In the U.S. they fly into powerlines, they eat lead from shot, they die.

So, what can we do?
Education! Spread the word:


Bald can be beautiful & vultures really are AWESOME!
Things that Nicki wants us to remember:

1. Vultures are awesome!
2. Vultures are an important part of the ecosystem.
3. People’s actions can make a difference for vultures – and other wildlife.

MeghanM September 25, 20127:30 pm

Up next….

Why Vultures Are

Hmm…ok…let’s see here Nicki: ENLIGHTEN US!!!

Nicki Dardinger is a director at CPCC and she is here to tell us Why Vultures are AWESOME!

MeghanM September 25, 20127:29 pm

• Linnea wants us to know about the positive attributes of pop culture, in particular movies.

• Movies, Films, Cinema… these words all address the same subject but they mean very
different things.

• Cinema is categorized first into mere entertainment, sometimes art, and very often cultural garbage. They are often dismissed as trivial.

• She tells us the neuroscience behind watching movies
How cool!?
• Watching movies can be GOOD for you and good for society.

Who would’ve thunk it?!

The Dali Llama even says you should only watch comedies

It’s like a cardio workout!
So, do you want to get on the elliptical machine or watch the movie Airplane

Romantic movies…guys watch them with your ladies! It releases oxytocin, pleasure through “bonding”

Let your body & your mind be your guide when you pick your next flick!

Linnea tells us to remember:
1. Movies have physical and psychological effects on the human body that are often beneficial.

2. Movies can be used for educational purposes. They can be the starting point for discussion of taboo subjects or used to promote productive dialogue.

3. Movies are the mirror images and gateways to culture. They serve as our ambassadors in other countries; likewise we learn about other cultures through the films they produce. We get to see and understand places we might never have been able to experience otherwise.

4.Movies are the most egalitarian art form – they reach the widest and most diverse audience.

MeghanM September 25, 20127:24 pm

And now up is a gal who is no stranger to the stage:
Linnea Beyer
Linnea is the
The Light Factory Director of Film

Linnea tells us it’s ok to sit on our butt and watch a movie for 2 hours. In her talk
**Watch one comedy and call me in the morning**

She likes talking to people about why movies are more than just pop culture trash. She really believes that all movies can have merit, and that they can be used as a powerful force for social good.

MeghanM September 25, 20127:23 pm

Before taking the stage, Rob told us that he wanted to talk at Ignite Charlotte 5 to help bring a voice to the voiceless and bring further awareness to the challenges of marginalized here in Charlotte. And how, no matter your background or belief, you can make an incredible impact in the lives of many.

WOW! Powerful stuff!

Please welcome Rob to the stage!

• Rob says, sometimes all anyone needs is an opportunity.

• Each of us is filled with potential. Sometimes life covers up that potential. Sometimes life can keep you from seeing it clearly.

Step out of your comfort zone. Have a conversation.

He asks,
• Have you ever had someone say something to you that changed your life?
• Have you ever had someone do something for you that changed your life?
• What if you could be the person to do that for someone else?
• What if in that, while helping others, you found your purpose?

Without risk there is no true reward.
Maybe you are the missing piece!

Think about the person who has been helped.
Just think about this> someone gave you a chance, an opportunity and raised you up!

They had the kindness and heart to believe and buy into your future.
These two things are the things that separate us

Take 10 minutes, thank that person
Then take 10 minutes and help someone.

Things that he wants us to remember:

1. There are big social issues (like homelessness, illiteracy, etc.) that we have the power to drastically improve or eliminate.

2. One person CAN really make a difference.

3. We are all passionate about something. It is time to step out and give your time, talent and resources to that passion. Who knows you might just discover the REAL reason you are here on this earth.

MeghanM September 25, 20127:18 pm

Up next is Rob Burbank!

Rob’s talk is called: From helping to empowerment – everyone has a chance

Rob is the Director of Vendor Empowerment for Speak Up Magazine
or as he was introduced: JUST A REGULAR GUY
You can find him off stage on twitter @RobBurbank

MeghanM September 25, 20127:17 pm

• Eric starts his talk telling us about the common misguided notions about gratitude.

• The kind of gratitude he’s talking about cannot be captured in words, but human experience

• He says, a possible answer to this resides in the writings of Chuang-tzu, and his comments about the absurdity of life.

• Chaung-tzu has a dream that he’s a butterfly. Was he the butterfly? Was he Chaung-tzu dreaming about the butterfly?
• It’s a surprise that we have two feet when animals have many, and some men only have one.

• WOW!
• The key to gratitude is coming from the angle of the moment of surprise

• Chaung-tzu says the absurdity of life is what leads us to a new appreciation of the present moment, which is indeed a present. Ground it in a sense of wonder.
• Share it, try it for 3 weeks. SHARE THE WOW!

A few things Eric wants us to know about gratitude:

1. It is easy to get used to seeing life in established patterns, many of which are dysfunctional. We need the capacity to see the world as if either it or our eyes are brand new.
2. Life is absurd, but this is a richness if you can find yourself in it.
3. Gratitude is not only a natural response, but a necessary one. Let’s practice it quick.

MeghanM September 25, 20127:12 pm

Give a big Ignite 5 welcome to the stage, our very first speaker:

Eric Hausman
Eric is a Minister with the Unitarian Universalist Church

Eric just moved to Charlotte. He’s a fan of new inspirational ideas, as well as ”short forms” of communication.

Tonight Eric is going to share an idea of his about gratitude in a talk he calls: Gratitude 101

MeghanM September 25, 20127:11 pm

Bridget B. Sullivan is the founder and executive producer of Ignite Charlotte.
Make sure you thank this lady for pulling together this totally awesome event!

Bridget welcomes everyone to Ignite Charlotte 5!

First, she has to confess…
She’s the one that messed up the badges (SORRY!)

Newbies to Ignite Charlotte! WELCOME!
Shout out to the Tweet Tarts

Bridget thanks our sponsors:
Melvin Nix jdw
Mindjet taking care of our icebreaker
RSM driving us in the back
Github out of San Fran
Charlotte Space Exploration helping us out

And our community sponsors!

Started in Seattle in 2000
Just welcomed Athens Greece. Portland just celebrated #11

What is it?! IGNITE: 20 slides, auto-advances every 15 seconds, talk for 5 minutes.
Enlighten us but make it QUICK!

So let’s do this!

MeghanM September 25, 20127:02 pm

T-Minus 3 minutes people! Get your tooshes in the seats and prepare to be ENLIGHTENED

MeghanM September 25, 20126:14 pm

Just want to watch?
Stand on the sidelines and cheer on your fellow igniters competing in the icebreaker contest. Who knows, you might run into a twitter follower or even meet someone new!

MeghanM September 25, 20126:09 pm

Don’t know anyone here?

Meet someone new, go join the icebreaker contest.
The “Icebreaker” contest, sponsored by Mindjet and hosted by Charlotte Space Exploration. Contest starts around 6:05 PM